Internship Description & Responsibilities

We choose interns who exhibit strong verbal skills, computer proficiency, some kind of experience or involvement in music and/or technology, and eagerness and passion for music/technology and the music/technology industry.

The daily tasks include office maintenance such as answering phones, mailings, faxes, data entry and some very basic graphic design and website maintenance. The position is not limited to these tasks and it is our goal to involve the intern in a variety of other projects relating to our clients.

It is our hope that Brick Wall interns take full advantage of the position by asking questions pertaining to these procedures and processes. Interns can become a very integral part of Brick Wall’s business and the more involved they become, the greater their understanding will be of our overall operations.

Brick Wall Management is also the home to The Kristen Ann Carr Fund and 10x Management. The Kristen Ann Carr Fund is a non-profit organization that provides grants for cancer research, and 10x Management provides management services for technology professionals (programmers and designers).

Interns play a crucial role in the daily responsibilities of both organizations including data management, and financial accounting. Additionally, interns play a vital role at all of The Kristen Ann Carr Fund’s events.

If you’re a serious candidate, please either send us a cover letter and resume via our contact page, or mail them to:

Brick Wall Management
39 West 32nd Street, Suite 1403
New York, NY 10001